Saturday, July 31, 2010

simon says

the august 2010 issue of harper's bazaar u.s. features a (characteristically) witty article by simon doonan (one of my favorite writers) in anticipation of the julia roberts vehicle eat pray love based on the memoir by elizabeth gilbert. in it, mr. doonan proposes the concept of shopping (appropriately, of course. and not to be confused with extravagant indulgence) in place of praying. i say, why not do it all? a balance between the deep and the shallow. read on.

harper's bazaar august 2010.

have a lovely weekend. eat, pray, shop and love.


elizabeth gilbert/simon doonan


in session.

sharie. 2010.
jomel c.


Friday, July 30, 2010


"show me a sane man and i will cure him for you." / jung
james. 2008.
jomel c.


moma's blue

this lovely woman caught my eye at sfmoma. she was vibrant and quite outgoing, and she was kind enough to indulge me in taking her picture.

and then i noticed her sweater. love the details and the fit, and she accessorized it appropriately for work.

ideally, blue suede pumps would give this look a luxurious boost. a men's brown bag should break up the monotony beautifully while reflecting the elegant comfort of the whole look.

a darker shade for her/him:
hers: oak blue asymmetric sweater ($59.40)     his: fifth ave shoe repair center vent sweater ($83)



Thursday, July 29, 2010

the deflowering

the deflowering.

inspired by my time working at maws. a balance between the fertile figures and its relationship with suffering and dying.
jomel c.



when i was younger, my mom and i used to get the sunday paper after mass. i would flip through them and stare at any image that would catch my eye. inspired, i started sketching. the four of these are some of the illustrations i created when i was in 7th grade.