Tuesday, August 31, 2010

tear pleasures rough

lady, were no crime.

jomel c.


the fifth element

the leopard

chloë sevigny in silk lanvin with amanda pearl clutch and christian louboutin 'madame butterfly' booties. beautiful mix of natural and modern inspirations via the length, fit, and raw edges of the leopard print dress, the hints of scarlet, the luxe appeal of the ippolita gold chains and booties.



Monday, August 30, 2010

fantastic four

the armour

lavender vines

sand dunes

midnight sky

anna paquin in bullion/gold embroidered alexander mcqueen and house of lavande jewelry. the tension between the hardness of the armour-like embroidery and the refinement of the tailored skirt is exquisite.

emily blunt in a lavender dior whisper of a dress. a lauren merkin snake print clutch lends some danger to the look's relative quietness of embroidered flowers and vines.


claire danes in swarovski encrusted armani privé and julianna margulies in a l'wren scott sequin column evoke glittering sand dunes and a midnight sky respectively.

emmy awards 2010.



sleeping beauty

sleep. crawl.

jomel c.


feel. and feel.

esteban diacono + olafur arnalds.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


i crave your voice. your breath. the soft
peach of your mouth. i stroll the streets
silently. aimlessly. alone. hungry.
i sniff around for your hair. for the new moon

of your waist. the almond-lines of
your fingernails. i lurk like a cat in the gutters.
ready to pounce on the sunbeam of your lashes.
i want to swallow the single grape

of your skin. and i pace around
the huge potholes of my street. like a coyote
in the desolate vastness of a desert.

hunting for your hands. your hot heart.
until i come upon your smile, a single
rose petal i want to raise towards my hideous mouth.

lauro vazquez.


a man mapping out his desires is as fascinating as the subject of his infatuation / love.

jomel c.


Monday, August 23, 2010


little creatures.

"The woods played on our imaginations the most after dark, in our dorms as we were trying to fall asleep. You almost thought then you could hear the wind rustling the branches, and talking about it seemed only to make things worse. I remember one night, when we were furious with Marge K.--she'd done something really embarrassing to us during the day--we chose to punish her by hauling her out of bed, holding her face against the window pane and ordering her to look up at the woods. At first she kept her eyes screwed shut, but we twisted her arms and forced open her eyelids until she saw the distant outline against the moonlit sky, and that was enough to ensure for her a sobbing night of terror."

jomel c.

Friday, August 20, 2010

in the realm of the senses


have a lovely weekend!

jomel c.


starry, starry night


one of those nights when friends stay up (very) late, have a drink, have some people over, talk about everything and sit in silence relishing each other's company. that's the inspiration, and it gives me butterflies every time i think about those moments. and no matter how simple they may seem, those nights were unforgettable. hoping for more of that for each and every one of us.

jomel c.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

bea of love

marga + bea, mega: november 2009.

venom. bea valdes.

maharlika. bea valdes.

gray gio. bea valdes.

every piece that bea creates reflects a glorious passion for craftsmanship and beauty. i don't think i've ever seen anything quite like the gray gio bag, which effectively weaves philippine aboriginal art and modern architecture together. her work wonderfully showcases the abilities of filipino artisans and continues to earn some well-deserved praise.

between e + bea.

for my glamorous friend 'e' who loves exquisite things.

jomel c.



and this is her tale of woe

by pjotr sapegin.

the video's emotional milieu, from its childlike innocence that turns into compelling desperation, ending with a rebirth (at least how i interpreted it), is stunning. the story and the music, of course, are flawless.


plight, pride

On a regular day at an assembly,
the Star-Spangled Banner played and I didn’t have my hands on my heart
next thing I know, someone came up to me
his annoying ass told me this:
“You anti-American immigrant leech
if you don’t like America, why don’t you leave?
if you don’t like America, why don’t you go home?
you’ve talked trash about this country
expressing your pain in this country
aren’t you thankful we serve you in this country?
all you do is take money from this country
you ungrateful…”

Wait, wait, hold on.. Ungrateful?
I wasn’t here by choice
America looked at me in the eye and told me it was time
there was barely anything else to consume in my country
so America consumed me when I packed my bags a road a plane to LA
now this beast has got me trapped in his belly
and every day I struggle for a peace of mind

In the Philippines…
the aftermath of colonial war got our parents slain
our rich culture and identity is left in hieroglyphics
that’s why children find a livin lookin up to white names
now we live this sad reality today to be specific

Imagine houses made of cardboard and kids fifty pounds
kill each other for a bowl of soup, aint scared of the sound
of police, because it’s fight and die or don’t fight and die
this is Filipino reality when they look up to the sky
and see a billboard of the bully saying McDonald’s and Coke
reminding you that he can feed you and bring you some hope
that’s why we stab each other fearlessly, looking for change
but our hustle and our kill aint enough, it stays the same
each and every one of us tried to plant a seed to grow crops
but the bully buys it off so he could use it for stocks
he took our fruits with his Dole, took our milk with his Nestle
took our beach with his resort, took our shoes with his Nike’s
tells us we can’t progress, he’s convinced us we’re lazy
tells us we are less, while we watch his Hollywood babies
make us envy them and wish we were his little children
we look up to this cannibal who comes to us and we give him
what we have, but if we’re broke he comes to swallow us whole
am I supposed to feel good when he’s digesting what he stole?
digesting me, using me so he could grow, this tyrant
leviathan of the sea, ogre of a giant

We gave him all his nutrients, paying these taxes
working for less, build his success while he advances
he’s been to different lands, swallowed other brothers and sisters
now he says he will deport us as his belly gets stricter
as if we’re leaving his belly with more than we had before
his exploits, cost of living has made us remain poor
legal or illegal, immigrants boost the economy
washed white to bend in fields and prepared for sodomy

But maybe you’re right, maybe I should be grateful
in his belly with my mom’s paycheck-to-paycheck life
maybe I’d rather be here than my desolate land devoured
where billions of hungry mouths live each day with a dollar

Wherever I’m taken, without equity I’m restless
you see I’m not anti-American; I’m pro-justice.

the belly. jean teodoro.

jean. 2010.

jomel c.


Friday, August 6, 2010

thorough bush, thorough brier

lives + dies

jomel c.


oriental trance

dragon ladies, and some gents, flew to shangai for chanel's pre-fall 2010 show. the collection featured embellished tweed and leather, reflecting the delicate strength of imperial china. terracotta-inspired cheongsams, silk linings and whispers of black chiffon, sometimes heavily embroidered, were evening options that brought to mind chinese cinema's romanticism, while the accessories lent an urban edge (and were the best in show - the sophisticated mixed with the playful).

chanel paris-shanghai (pre-fall 2010) accessories.

my picks from the show:

i remember when i was younger, i was obsessed with mandarin collars. i did stay away from silks and printed pieces as they tend to look like costumes, and some of the solids i've kept in my closet. one can only wish that while in the spirit of such dressing, this would happen:

one of my favorite films (very close second to moulin rouge!).

mads + chanel paris-shanghai

jomel c.



Monday, August 2, 2010


sina una.
sina ikalawa.

jomel c.


roots run deep

Descendants from Goro Fujita on Vimeo.

bernhard haux . . . . . . . . . character td flower main actors
felix graf . . . . . . . . . . . . animator
goro fujita . . . . . . . . . . . supervising animator
heiko van der scherm . . . writer, director, design, modeling
holger schönberger . . . . . pipeline, shading, lighting, compositing