Tuesday, August 24, 2010


i crave your voice. your breath. the soft
peach of your mouth. i stroll the streets
silently. aimlessly. alone. hungry.
i sniff around for your hair. for the new moon

of your waist. the almond-lines of
your fingernails. i lurk like a cat in the gutters.
ready to pounce on the sunbeam of your lashes.
i want to swallow the single grape

of your skin. and i pace around
the huge potholes of my street. like a coyote
in the desolate vastness of a desert.

hunting for your hands. your hot heart.
until i come upon your smile, a single
rose petal i want to raise towards my hideous mouth.

lauro vazquez.


a man mapping out his desires is as fascinating as the subject of his infatuation / love.

jomel c.


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