Thursday, November 4, 2010

matchstick jeans and heavy metal

from : the sartorialist

last friday, i was introduced to an underground scene that had groups playing punk/heavy metal music live. it was such a different experience for me, and if i was told beforehand that i would be going to what was described as an "unsafe place" with that kind of music playing, i would have skipped and shrugged it off. i'm glad i didn't. i love observing people and the place provided so much for me to consume. stimulation radiated from every corner. i loved how most people were dressed, although apart from the bass player who wore a perfectly fitted three-piece suit, i was the only one in tailored trousers and a cape (which i love anyway). my only regret is that i wasn't able take enough photos due to the darkness, and because a part of me wanted to take in the whole experience and relish it completely. there were so many potential subjects, but i'm optimistic that there will be other opportunities and places in the future.


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