Wednesday, June 22, 2011

those years, that day

isaiah jobe.
to isaiah.

i remember we roamed our little provincial town on his bike and we stopped by a cemetery at 3am. we sat on a bamboo bench watching a few cars pass by, under the stars on a clear sky. the air was cool so we sat closer together to keep warm. it was so peaceful. it's as if the world stopped turning and that moment of bliss was ours to relish. i had a scheduled flight back to california that afternoon, and despite not getting enough sleep because of our little adventure, he still made the effort to take me on a ride again around town that morning before i left. he also had little quirks that made him so endearing. he loved tiny m&m's and he once sang the chorus of his favorite ballad to persuade me to hand him the m&m bag. most of all, he made people feel loved and special.

this is a devastating loss. i will terribly miss him.

jomel c.

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